In the place of Os Eidos, a large space next to Campo das Redes and located outside the walls of the town, there was an old hospital for the poor and pilgrims.

In 1833 this space was converted into a cemetery built and paid for by the Redondela City Council. As time passed, some funerary elements or numbered stones were taken from the cemetery to the church of Santiago de Redondela.

The cemetery underwent some renovations over the years. In the 80s of the 20th century it was closed after the creation of a municipal cemetery far from the town center. But the space remained untouched.

The cemetery was rehabilitated in 2020. The result allows us to observe sculptures, tombs, mausoleums or tombstones of great artistic value. In addition, for local history, the names of important figures are found here, from politicians to military personnel.

We must highlight the work of the master stonemasons and the tastes of the bourgeois era, perceptible in some sculptures and in the symbols used.

This monument, considered a “romantic garden”, aspires to enter the list of “Unique Cemeteries of Europe”.