The Ría de Vigo jealously guards great secrets and innumerable riches, the result of various battles between fleets in order to loot merchandise.

To remember, protect and praise this hidden heritage, the German’s old factory was rehabilitated, an old canning factory from 1944 acquired by a German living in Bilbao after his collaboration in World War II with the Nazis.

The center not only shows us possible archaeological and cultural treasures from the time of the Battle of Rande, but also part of the industrial and historical heritage of Rande. A series of rooms recreate the era, the merchandise, the battle, as well as certain aspects of the world of canning, in a perfect picture, sighting the Rande Bridge in the middle of Ensenada de San Simón.

The interpretation center of the Battle and Cultural Heritage of Rande, Meirande, has the mission of raising awareness of the enormous artistic, social, cultural and landscape wealth of the area.