The Redondela Town Hall has one of the most beautiful corners in the entire municipality. In 2014 the place was highlighted, signposted and equipped with a path to observe this fantastic place. This is the beautiful Cascada da Feixa, in Santo Paio de Abaixo, in the parish of Reboreda, on the Alvedosa river.

The Alvedosa river is responsible, together with the Maceiras, for the small Ría de Redondela. It rises near Lamasurán and near its source the river rushes forming beautiful waterfalls, like O Rañón. Further down it receives the waters of several streams and near the town center it joins the Maceiras River. Near Redondela, the bridge was built that will one day allow the AVE to cross the Maceiras Valley. The aforementioned river runs below it. This is exactly where the small path of less than 200 meters begins that will take us to this wonderful waterfall that covers a difference in height of about 15 meters.